Beyond Man Caves: Unique and Personalized Home Entertainment Spaces


No matter the style or purpose, many clients desire adding their own special touch to a man cave – from home theater technology and billiards tables, to state-of-the-art workshops with woodworking machinery, or simply featuring sports-themed rooms to those designed around boys’ favorite games! We’ve seen it all.

IF YOUR MANS CAVE IS MEANT TO RELAX AND WATCH SPORTS, it may only require two recliners with TV screens and bar space for optimal enjoyment.


Men who enjoy working from home, or simply need an area to focus, will find having their own dedicated home office an invaluable addition to a man cave. Additionally, an automation system enables access to all equipment through an attractive touch screen display.

Sports fans, you can customize buttons that display multiple TVs when someone approaches your door and display your team’s fight song! Or set up a romance button which closes shades, dims lights and launches an intimate playlist of songs about love!

Gaming Caves can feature everything from PS4 or Xbox consoles, large TV screens, and gaming rigs with powerful surround sound to even billiards tables for friendly competition!

Computer Center

No matter if it be video gaming, sports, old-school classics like pool and darts, or anything in between – we have everything you need to design the ideal space. From bars serving your beverage of choice to comfortable recliners and lounge chairs – as well as hanging wall art that reflects your interests such as vinyl records or retro posters to prints of your favorite bands or movies, making a man cave truly your own space! All it takes are the details for it to truly become yours and distinguishable from anyone else’s.

Let’s get your man (or she!) cave underway!


Refrigeration is essential when it comes to creating the ideal man cave. Our team can install a full-sized fridge that will ensure all your beverages remain cold while your food remains fresh.

Personalize your refrigerator by decorating with photos from travels past and knick-knacks from past adventures to create an eye-catching space perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Add some vibrancy with wall art that features your favorite movies, TV shows or sports teams; or opt for subdued neutral colors such as taupe or slate to elevate the aesthetic of your man cave. A touch of blue can also give your space an additional masculine edge.

Fitness Equipment

Men love working out, watching sports and socializing with their peers; therefore a man cave with fitness equipment is the ideal way to fulfill both these desires.

Most man caves fall into the sports fan category: basement mixture of bar and game room that allows grown men with jobs and children to regress into childhood. Here, all those sports posters and jerseys you tucked away in boxes in your garage can be displayed proudly on display.

Your man cave can be as extravagant or simple as you desire, the key being including only items you love and use often.


No matter if your basement needs to become a pool hall or simply need a table for family fun, billiards rooms make an excellent addition. Fun for all ages, playing billiards is also a social activity for all in the family!

Physically, playing billiards increases cardiovascular endurance through walking around a table with precise hand movements, as well as building muscle strength over time.

Golf can also increase flexibility by forcing players to stretch and bend to take shots, which in turn requires them to stretch further. Finally, it can reduce stress levels and promote mental wellbeing – helping improve concentration and cognitive function, while simultaneously decreasing anxiety levels.

Mini Putting Green

With children running around your house, finding a space where you can relax and unwind is of utmost importance. Installing an indoor putting green is an excellent way to improve golf while having fun!

Wall art is also an essential factor. Choose prints that represent who you are as an individual; for instance, if you love WWE wrestlers you could opt for posters featuring them.

Most putting mats also fold up for convenient storage in your garage or basement when not being used to practice your putter stroke and alignment. Some models even include obstacles and theme elements for an authentic putting experience!

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