Choosing the Best Light Bulbs for Bathroom


Dimly lit bathrooms can become dull and dispiriting over time, yet selecting appropriate light bulbs can quickly transform this space and boost its functionality.

Select light bulbs that correspond with the fixture’s color temperature and brightness for cohesive lighting, helping you accomplish detailed tasks like shaving or applying makeup more easily. This also gives you better results in performing intricate activities like shaving or applying makeup!

Smart light bulbs can be controlled via dimmers to create bright daylight-like lighting for less power than traditional incandescent bulbs, with high CRI ratings to ensure accurate color representation.

GE Reveal LED Light Bulb

GE’s Reveal LED bulb provides vibrant and revitalized colors. Producing HD light, its brightness makes this LED ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as well as craft or hobby spaces.

Lamp shades with metal clampy parts that securely fasten to the bulb (at least older ones) make this bulb an excellent match; its physical qualities mimic an incandescent bulb, so it looks right at home in these types of lamps.

GE’s HD Light lineup of bulbs boast noticeably superior color quality when compared with most LEDs, yet their brightness and dimming performance fall more towards average than exceptional.

I preferred the soft lighting produced by the GE Reveal bulb over those from GE and Cree, which have higher lumen counts per watt respectively. Its two half-circles of LEDs provided more directionality in its beam.

Tala Porcelain II LED Bulb

Tala’s porcelain exterior enhances the glow of its soft white light. It comes with a medium base to fit most existing fixtures, and works equally well on its own or as part of a series. Plus, its energy efficient LED technology reduces electricity bills significantly while lasting for up to 10 years with daily usage!

Tala is the innovative company behind the Voronoi bulb and dedicated to designing beautiful yet eco-friendly lightbulbs. Tala products use high quality fully recyclable materials that use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs while offsetting emissions through global tree planting efforts.

When purchasing bulbs, be mindful of their watt rating (a measure of power) and Kelvin temperature rating; for an understated ambience light option select 2700 Kelvin or higher.

Sylvania Halogen Bulb

Halogen bulbs resemble standard incandescent lamps in that they use tungsten filaments with the addition of halogen gas to extend its life and generate more light. The fused quartz or aluminosilicate glass used to house this gas must be much stronger than regular silica in order to support its high pressure within the bulb.

This DOT certified halogen bulb can easily replace OEM headlights at an economical cost, offering 500 hours of average usage life expectancy with continuous use. A great option to meet OEM requirements!

This bulb, previously available as the Ledvance Lightify RGBW bulb, still looks fantastic and works seamlessly with HomeKit (without needing a hub). However, its performance may be subpar as iOS scheduling issues cause a few difficulties for it – sometimes failing altogether to respond to app commands altogether.

Ascher Vintage LED Bulb

The Ascher Vintage LED Bulb is an ideal solution for adding classic charm to their lighting scheme. Designed to replace traditional 60-watt incandescent bulbs and provide a warm, cozy glow with dimmable features making creating the desired ambiance simple. EyeComfort technology helps reduce glare and flickering. Furthermore, energy savings can be realized as these bulbs are energy efficient as well as come packaged in recyclable packaging; unfortunately though some users have reported inconsistent color temperature and early failure.

These tubular vintage-style bulbs feature an antique aesthetic and come equipped with an E26 base for easy installation in chandeliers, lanterns and wall sconces. Also compatible with most dimmers switches. Each bulb boasts an impressive CRI of 90+ to bring out colors in your space as well as providing an expansive 360deg beam angle and flicker-free operation – plus comes complete with a warranty!

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