Flooring Trends 2024


Flooring has the power to become an upfront expression of one’s style in the home through the luxurious grains of wood to the daring of patterns – and these flooring trends for 2024 are here to add that oomph to your design scheme.

Looking natural and being green are gaining ground with buyers, attracted to easy-on-the-eye patterns and soft textures – and, of course, comfort and easy maintenance. Sage green hardwood, earthy tones and a natural feel are this spring’s flooring trends.

Eco-Friendly Options

And to further make environment friendly homes, consider natural flooring materials. Cherry pick some reclaimed wood for your flooring, or opt for a bamboo floor for a modern and hickory feel. Cork laminate floors are another popular choice for green homes.

Given that rustic design is all the rage (we’re looking at you, maximalism) and distressed finishes and weathered textures are in vogue as a feature in interiors, tiles made from terracotta are in vogue too It’s not only traditional spaces that benefit from terracotta tiles. These earthen, natural and mud-based designs suit modern interiors too.

High variation colours are one of the latest sustainably produced looks to watch out for; each plank features different hues, gifting street cred and texture-lovers with a look just like Mother Nature changing her colours at a moment’s notice. If you’re determined to bring nature indoors, look no further.

Smart and Heated

Although floors are an essential surface for homeowners, people tend to take advantage of this portion of the home to create a special style. Nowadays, due to the recent improvements, homeowners will include aspects of functionality and practicality in what surrounds them in 2024.

More raw and edgy than wood, geometric floor patterns are all the rage, and I’ve noticed that herringbone flooring is cropping up everywhere as homeowners go for more attention-grabbing designs. Simple chevron and herringbone can be created with laminates as well as hardwoods, fitted with herringbone overlay.

Trendy flooring these days are those with higher variation in colours. It is made to mimic the quality of real wood and the planks have different colours, which vary on every plank, to create a contemporary and distinct look in homes. Other flooring options that possess this quality are the reclaimed wood or earthy terra-cotta tiles.

Exotic Woods

Exotic oaks and acacia wood flooring have been quick to become fashionable trends, thanks to designers’ fondness for the warm and sophisticated effect they lend to living spaces, while also respecting environmental principles.

Whitewashed and blonde floor boards have become a perfect foil for interior decor schemes that stick to the traditional grey floor, while we’re also seeing a lot of homes that introduce lighter tones of honey, blonde and even whitewashed driftwood to create a much lighter, and typically neutral aesthetic. An interior with a blonde Ash floor paired with a white-wash feature wall. Photo by Alexander James.

Herringbone patterns too have taken a comeback, particularly in natural hardwood floors, which provide great aesthetic value and a sense of elegancy to any living space. Designers predict that this trend will keep rising through 2024, allowing owners to create one-of-a-kind floors for their homes.

Reclaimed and Salvaged Woods

More and more homeowners and commercial designers are choosing flooring with a natural look that resonates with growth of sustainability and wellness in their homes.This is an example of the natural home improvement movement, a very meaningful trend towards a sustainable and healthy home.

Reclaimed wood flooring has become more and more popular during years after 2024. This kind of flooring has two main advantages which are green and beautiful.So, choosing reclaimed hardwood makes less lumber loding in nature. If less lumber harvests from forest then it will keep some trees away from being axed down for lumber.

Herringbone and chevron patterns are also experiencing an explosion in popularity and are a great way to add unique visual interest to any space. Wide plank hardwood works best when paired with these patterns as wider planks leave spaces feeling larger while also being easier to keep clean by minimising dirt build-up in the grout lines between the cracks. Wire brushed texture creates authentic rustic finishes by carving tiny ridges and grooves along its surface – another great way to achieve authentic rustic finishes on your floors!

Bold Colors and Patterns

The arched flooring designs for 2024 roboticise the look further with flowing curves and swirls that create a chill vibe. Herringbone and chevron are forever the darlings of hardwood floors with their inverted V or Z shapes, adding character to living rooms just as they do to dining rooms.

Natural wide plank hardwood is the flooring of choice of more homeowners than ever today, for its clean, contemporary look and open, spacious feel that caters to the modern need for open concept living spaces. And as trends in using multiple wood tones in the same room flourish, this offers customers a chance to design their own look that offers a visually inventive benefit.

Today, natural colour variation continues to be a favourite with owners of homes that wish to evoke a rustic, organic feel, and laminate flooring technology enables manufacturers to mimic wood’s natural knots, abrasions and variations in grain.

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