How to Add Value to Your New Home


Add value to your new home with many projects, from extensive renovations to simple fixes that create a great first impression. And some projects can even be free!

Decluttering your house will give it a more spacious appearance, which is essential when selling to buyers as they must be able to envision themselves living there comfortably.

Kitchen Remodel

If you’re moving into a new home or simply want to upgrade your current kitchen, remodeling is an excellent way to add value. Replacing appliances, updating countertops and updating cabinets can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your kitchen.

A kitchen remodel can also make the space more efficient and user-friendly, improving how you work in it and making it more appealing to potential buyers when selling your house.

On average, homeowners can expect to recoup around 52% of the money spent on a kitchen remodel when they sell their home. However, this percentage may differ based on how much you invest and the added value that the remodel adds to your property.

Hardwood Floors

One of the best ways to increase the value of your new home is by installing hardwood floors. They’re durable, easy to maintain, and won’t trap dust like carpets do.

Hardwood floors can give your house an elegant and cozy aesthetic. Plus, they come in a range of colors and styles so that you can select something to complement your decor.

Hardwood floors are naturally antimicrobial and non-porous, meaning they won’t attract dirt or allergens that carpets can trap. This helps keep your house hygienic and reduces respiratory problems for allergy-prone individuals.

Hardwood floors come in a range of wood species, such as oak, hickory and maple. To ensure you select the ideal type for your home, be sure to consider which species best suits its requirements.


A fresh coat of paint can make a dramatic difference in the way your home appears. It conceals any dings, scratches and minor damage from years past, potentially increasing its value by several thousand dollars when selling it off.

A tidy, attractive appearance will attract potential buyers to your property, especially if it hasn’t been updated in some time.

Additionally, buyers have the assurance that a home has been properly cared for and won’t cause any issues in the future.

Paint is a liquid or semi-solid coating composed of pigments, resin and additives to provide specific properties such as color, durability and resistance to weathering and chemicals. Additives like thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, texturizers, adhesion promoters, UV stabilizers, defoamers and biocides help combat bacteria growth on the surface of the paint.

Front-Yard Landscaping

A well-designed front yard creates an inviting impression and directs visitors to your door. Even investing in a new walkway and some climate-adapted plants can increase the value of your home.

Plants should offer year-round interest, such as attractive foliage, spring/summer flowers and autumn hues. Select a blend of deciduous (non-evergreen) and broadleaf evergreen plants for the best effect.

Shrubs should be clustered together in beds or borders to create visual unity, balance and interest. Avoid “dotting” shrubs about the lawn as this can be distracting and make it difficult to keep them mowed.

Fences and walls can be used to define boundaries, direct movement through the landscape or screen undesirable views. They may be constructed out of stone, brick, wood or metal but should not be so close to the road that they obstruct a driver’s view.

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