Interior Design For Small Apartments and Studios


Studio apartments provide interior designers with a wealth of opportunities to express creativity. From angular spaces that can serve as non-intrusive storage solutions to window treatments that hideaway storage solutions, these apartments are truly the dream come true for design enthusiasts.

One of the best ways to make a studio apartment feel larger is by employing light colors such as whites, beige, and soft yellow tints. Doing so will not only create an expansive sense of space but also one that’s warm and welcoming.

Room dividers

Room dividers are an easy and cost-effective solution for many renters who want to create privacy and separate their spaces without needing permanent walls. Not only do they take up minimal space, but installation takes only minutes – meaning no extra cost or downtime!

Bookcases and other shelving units can serve as studio apartment dividers. When placed perpendicular to a wall, tall bookshelves create two distinct rooms while providing valuable storage.

Another divider solution suitable for small apartments is a desk with vertical storage shelves. These hutches provide space to study or work while also creating much-needed separation between kitchen, living and bedroom areas.

Selecting the ideal color and tone can help to define different areas in your studio apartment. For instance, painting cooking and sleeping walls a different hue than working ones will help define their functions without making the room seem cramped.

Functional separators

When designing a space, there are numerous elements to take into account. Budget, timeline, energy use and building regulations all must be taken into account when making decisions.

One of the primary ways to effectively divide a room in a small apartment is with dividers. Whether it’s a wall, curtain or shelf, room dividers provide visual interest without making the area feel cramped or cluttered.

Selecting the correct material can make all the difference when creating a room divider. When looking for materials for this purpose, there are plenty of choices available, from wood and other sturdy options to translucent or transparent panels that offer clarity and light.

Functional separators not only divide spaces, but they can also serve as decorative elements. These screens come in an array of colors and designs to suit any style, while allowing light to pass through spaces which prevents things from feeling claustrophobic. Plus, since many are foldable, setting them up and taking them down is simple when not needed.


When guests enter your home, the entryway should be the first thing they see. Creating a welcoming space that expresses your style and taste can be tricky in smaller apartments or studios, but with some effort you’ll create an impressive foyer that will leave guests with an unforgettable impression of your residence.

A large mirror can add a bright and airy atmosphere to even the smallest apartment entrance, creating an inviting atmosphere. However, it’s essential that you keep it well-decorated and furnished – placing clothes racks or shoe cabinets directly in front of it won’t produce flattering reflections.

Storage is essential in any apartment, and adding an extra shelf near your entryway can help keep shoes and other items out of sight. Floating shelves are especially great since they can stand in for a console and offer space to store mail, keys, wallets and more.


Interior design for small apartments and studios must consider storage. By creating a clever combination of open and closed storage areas, you can maximize space without feeling cluttered.

Storage can make your studio apartment feel spacious and organized, whether you choose to utilize a closet, shelf, or even a bar cart. Make the most of limited space by having all your belongings have their own designated place.

For maximum storage in your kitchen, try using pegboards to show wooden utensils or hanging containers of dry goods. Additionally, consider creating loft shelving in the ceiling to store more items and keep them off the floor.

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