Paint Color Trends for 2019

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Painting your home can be one of the easiest DIY projects homeowners can undertake to drastically transform its appearance – and is also one of the most versatile projects you can take on.

This year’s paint color trends indicate a shift away from cool greys towards warm neutral stone tones and bolder hues on stairs and other architectural details.


Black used to have an intimidating connotation, but now it has been accepted into homes as an accent color. Black can be found everywhere from kitchen cabinets and living room accent walls, to window trim and doors.

No matter if it’s for cabinets or an accent wall, selecting the appropriate shade is key to successful results. Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is an excellent way to stand out without making your home appear like the interior of a dive bar (see here for further explanation). Iron Ore also from Sherwin Williams offers subtle green undertones that makes this black more design-worthy than some of its peers.

Other choices to consider for black shades include Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams, which features blue undertones that read more neutral than traditional black; Farrow & Ball Railings’ midnight sky hue; or Blackish from Clare Paints which offers a soft shade devoid of any undertones. Whichever you go with, ensure it pairs nicely with bright whites or beiges to complete the look.


Pastel hues once reserved exclusively for nursery decor have quickly become an essential component of home decor. Their soft tones evoke thoughts of spring and set a happy tone in any room; pastels also remind us of flowers, candy hearts, ice cream and birthday cakes!

Soft color palettes work beautifully for bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms alike. You can use soft hues to highlight woodwork and other interior details; if your color fades over time or looks washed-out use a darker hue as an undercoat to keep its integrity.

Sherwin Williams offers an expansive collection of pastel paint shades. Hybrid, their best-selling option, offers a refreshing green without being overly yellow; Tradewind or Sherwin Williams Shapeshifter provide soothing blue tones; these colors evoke nature beautifully when combined with natural wood tones or oak trim and molding, as well as providing ample natural lighting in homes with plenty of windows.

Mint Greens

Mint green paint brings an energetic freshness to kitchens, living areas and bedrooms alike. Echoing nature’s soothing hue, mint pairs well with pastel shades like pink and coral; lighter shades work best on walls while deeper tones work for trim or statement furniture pieces like dark wood accents against mint walls while charcoal gray works as an anchor color.

House of Harvee designed this contemporary kitchen with mint-green cabinets to evoke classic country styling. Dark counters and an island provide contrast against this muted hue, and an eye-catching cactus print rug and on-theme accessories add to the southwest ambience.

Pale celadon evokes cottage style when combined with classic elements like timeworn finishes, vintage floral prints and antique decor. Make this versatile shade the centerpiece for formal dining rooms and powder rooms alike.

Warm Neutrals

Warm shades make an excellent addition to your color palette, both as an accent hue and as part of its foundation. Warm hues offer an excellent way to showcase today’s array of patterns and sculptural furniture pieces found throughout homes today, while they also complement many fixed elements in the home such as wood tones, carpeting, and flooring.

Light neutrals like Manchester Tan pair perfectly with honey oak or other warm wood tones, while Sherwin Williams Carrington Beige adds timeless sophistication that works beautifully in both traditional and modern decor styles.

Sherwin Williams Gray Owl offers a soft gray neutral with subtle undertones of blue and green that reads more warmly than most gray hues, making it suitable for rooms with ample natural light. If you prefer darker taupe hues, Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe provides just a hint of warmth – making it perfect for updating Tuscan decor styles.

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