Pool Party Ideas to Make Your Party Stand Out


Incorporating beach and poolside decor is a great idea to make your party stand out. You can create mini beach balls using paint, styrofoam balls and a string. If you’re hosting a pool party for kids, consider using mermaid decor on the tables and a drink station with themed treats. If you have more than one kid in your party, consider allowing them to create their own beach balls with paint and string.

Creating a 1950s-themed pool party for kids is a fun way to bring the decade into the 21st century. Think pastel colors and iridescent leggings for a fun summertime look. You can serve hip appetizers like sweet potato fries and grilled watermelon salad. Serve beverages in stylish glasses with a signature mocktail. Guests can choose from a variety of themed menu options. Make sure to include plenty of watermelon, fruit and veggie skewers.

Playground games are another great way to bring the outdoors indoors. Choose games that can be played by guests of all ages. Don’t limit water games to children; adults can participate, too. Beach balls, mini pool balls and poolside basketball are some great water games for the kids to play. If you have lawn space, consider putting up games like corn hole, badminton and bocce. Inflatables can be shared amongst partygoers.

If you don’t have a pool at home, renting a room at a nearby hotel or a beach house is an affordable and fun way to get the kids in the pool. Try putting floats and festive decorations around the pool to give the guests a beach-like feeling. These are just a few pool party ideas that can make any party even more memorable. You can find these spaces online using an online marketplace called Airbnb.

For something different, consider hosting a Mexican fiesta themed pool party. Your guests can enjoy margaritas or sangria on tap. Theme your pool party by choosing colorful decorations. Adding flower blossoms or swizzle sticks will add to the theme. If you’re hosting the party for a few coworkers, a soft drink punch and a dessert station are a great choice. Be sure to include plenty of seating and a nice lounge area so everyone can mingle.

For the food portion of the party, serve a variety of snacks that guests can enjoy while swimming. You may want to consider a remote-controlled drink float as the centerpiece of your pool party. You can also use floating drink holders attached to rafts. If you’re serving signature cocktails, choose heavy-duty hard plastic freezable drink dispensers. Place them in the shade to avoid ice melting and leaving a mess.

A fun way to keep guests entertained is with lifeguard stand favors. These are a great way to give out party favors. Or you can serve blue Jell-O “water” to your guests as party favors. The most adorable part of a lifeguard stand is that everyone will be able to take it home. In addition to these pool party ideas, you can also create a fun dessert table. With a colorful theme and a lot of creativity, there’s a lot to choose from!