Coastal Home Design


The coastal home design style is a very popular design trend among homeowners who want to create a home that is comfortable, warm, and welcoming. Coastal homes are often filled with rattan furniture, wide plank light oak floors, and nautical accents. However, there are many more things that you can do with your coastal home. These include selecting a wide range of textures, such as leather, wool, and wicker. In addition, you can bring in elements of a beach and water theme, like shells, ropes, and sand.

Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is a great way to add a coastal touch to your home. With its beautiful natural texture, it is a perfect material to use in a beach-inspired decor.

Rattan is a strong material, but it is also flexible. That makes it easy to move from room to room.

You can find rattan furniture in a variety of colors and weaves. It can be a stand alone piece, or you can decorate it with pillows and throws.

If you want to create a more modern look, you can mix rattan with metallic and mid-century accents. Rattan pairs well with plants and jute.

Rattan is an affordable design choice. It can be found in a variety of textures, and it’s durable enough to withstand warm climates. But it should never overpower the visual appeal of your space.

A good place to start using rattan is with lampshades. Rattan gives a light and airy feel, and it will pair with any color scheme. Adding a rattan lamp shade is a great way to bring a coastal feel into your room.

The material is versatile, and it can be refinished with a liquid sander. This can help bring your furniture back to its former glory.

When refinishing your rattan pieces, you’ll want to give them time to dry between coats. Also, avoid storing your furniture outside. In cold weather, natural rattan furniture will become brittle.

To find rattan furniture, you can go to a store, a local furniture showroom, or online. Look for pieces that match your style. For example, a rattan table will suit a sunroom, while a rattan ottoman is a great addition to a bedroom.

Rattan accents

Rattan is a popular material that’s often used in coastal home design. It’s lightweight, versatile, and can add natural texture and warmth to your space.

Rattan is most commonly found in earthy environments, but it can also be used in more modern and minimalist rooms. Rattan works well with a variety of other materials and can make a room look sophisticated and elevated.

When combining rattan with other materials, it’s important to keep in mind how the two styles complement each other. For instance, rattan works well with neutral color palettes, while wood works with bold color schemes. However, too much rattan can overpower a space.

To create visual interest, consider adding a woven piece, such as a rug or a bowl. These are often used as a centerpiece for the home. Another way to get a natural look is to incorporate plants into the decor. Plants bring the outdoors in, and they’re a great way to add color and dimension to a space.

Coastal furniture is designed to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. It’s meant to be simple and clean, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be styled with personality.

Often, the natural materials used to make coastal home furniture include wicker, rattan, and wood. The textures of these materials work together to create a classic coastal look. They’re durable and can easily be paired with a variety of designs.

Rattan is one of the most versatile materials you can use in your home. The material can be stained, painted, or woven into a variety of patterns and styles. Use it to create a unique look in your home, and mix it with other materials to create depth and dimension.


There is much to choose from when it comes to textures for coastal home design. From natural materials to abstracts, there’s something for everyone.

To start with, a good rule of thumb is to use natural fibers like sisal, jute and bamboo. These fibers add texture and interest to any space.

For a truly coastal effect, mix and match pieces to create a balanced look. You may also consider using an array of natural colors. If you want to keep it simple, opt for a light wood floor. This will help to set the mood.

The best way to achieve a coastal vibe in your home is to keep it light, airy and open. Adding natural elements, such as indoor plants, will also do the trick.

A sea-themed coffee table book or a framed nautical knot doorstop will add that touch of whimsy. Likewise, a sassy blue chandelier is a nice accent piece.

As for color, a good coastal color scheme includes blues and warm grays. Yellow and orange are not included in most palettes. However, a few splashes of green or purple will be the perfect finishing touch.

Another gimmick to have in your coastal home is a porthole-shaped mirror. It looks great hung from a rope and is a functional use of space. Pair it with a coordinating set of towels and you have a playful and uplifting space.

If you’re really into the coastal look, you might try incorporating a large area rug with natural fibers. This will help to establish a tone and will work well with more modern furniture pieces.

Another must have for your coastal home is a large window. Having a lot of natural light will make your space feel brighter.

Wide plank light oak floors

Light oak wide plank floors can make your interiors look clean and airy. You can find this type of flooring in a variety of different styles and colors. This type of hardwood is popular for its timeless appeal. Whether you want to decorate your home with a beachy theme or contemporary decor, this flooring style is an ideal option.

Wide plank light oak floors are perfect for coastal interiors. The white-gray shade gives your space a bright, breezy feeling. Coastal homes can incorporate many elements into their interior design, including driftwood, rattan furniture and accessories, and indoor plants.

Light wood floors can also hide pet hair. They can visually balance other decor elements and give your room an open feel.

Wide plank natural wood floors complement a variety of furnishings, whether they’re contemporary or vintage. In addition, they’re a great choice for a sleek, modern finish. These floors are especially ideal for period homes.

Aside from its versatility, light-colored wide plank flooring can also create a beautiful look in a rustic or contemporary home. Many homeowners opt for this kind of floor because it makes a room appear larger.

Another advantage of this kind of flooring is that it’s easier to maintain. Since wide planks are wider, they have less seams than their smaller counterparts. It also looks best with a matte finish. Choosing a flooring style is one of the most important decisions you will make in your home.

When selecting wide plank light oak floors, it’s important to consider your home’s architecture. This flooring will age gracefully, creating a distinctive contemporary finish.

Adding an area rug is a great way to add texture to your floors. It’s important to choose a shade that matches the other decor elements in your home. For example, you might opt for a gray or white floor with a navy-blue sectional.

Nautical details

The Coastal home design features nautical details that are not only beautiful but functional as well. Whether you love the beach or not, this design style is sure to evoke a calming feeling.

When choosing the right coastal home design, it’s important to keep in mind the location of your home. If you live in an area with less sunshine, you may opt for a lighter color scheme. But if you’re surrounded by sunshine, you should definitely go for a brighter look.

Nautical designs are all about bringing the sea into your home. They’re typically designed to make the space feel open, airy, and comfortable. Using the right colors and accessories can really enhance your nautical decor.

Typically, a nautical style will include a mix of beachy materials. This includes natural wood furniture, beachy hues, and a nautical style rug.

A nautical color scheme can be a bit more abstract than a coastal color scheme. Oftentimes, it features a simple palette of white and blue. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a boring color scheme. Instead, you can go for a light pink, yellow, or cerulean blue.

The Coastal Decor & Design Guide provides more information on the nautical style of home design. There are several key elements that you should pay attention to. You might even be able to repurpose an old ship to create a stunning statement piece in your entryway.

Other features include shiplap, a type of wood paneling originally used on ships. Shiplap can be used to create an accent wall or ceiling, or as flooring. It also works well in wet environments.

Whether you’re designing your first coastal home or trying to redecorate, the nautical style is a fun and stylish way to add a touch of maritime flair to your living space.

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