How to Organise Your Laundry Room


The best way to organise your laundry room is to sort like items together. For example, you can store all your powders in one clear container. This creates a uniform and decorative look. Label each container so you’ll know which one contains what. This will also help you find things easily.

Keeping your laundry supplies separate is also helpful. You can place them near the washer and dryer so they’re close by. You can also keep your sewing kit in there for minor repairs. You can also use a separate mending basket to store clothing that is in need of repair. Once you’ve decluttered the area, you can start organizing the items. Once you’ve got your supplies sorted, you can begin sorting them by type.

Another great tip is to simplify your laundry schedule. You can do this by washing different types of clothes on different days. This will help you avoid the chaos that can happen when you’re washing more than one type of item. In addition, you can label all containers so you’ll know what’s in them.

You can also invest in a shelving unit for your laundry supplies. You can buy one from stores like IKEA or have a custom one made. Shelves and baskets are also useful for organizing your laundry supplies. You can place them above your appliances, and you can even use them as a place to store extra clothes.

Another great way to organise your laundry room is to use a magnetic rack. It can save space and keep your laundry soap close at hand. Also, you can use a magnetic rack to store paper towels. A magnetic rack will help you avoid a cluttered mess! You can also use a wall-mounted mail box, which requires zero floor space.

If your laundry room is small, you can even use a pegboard to hang your laundry supplies. This will save you from having to juggle with the baskets. You can also use pedestal drawers for more storage space. You can purchase them online or do it yourself. And don’t forget to place a few reminder cards to help yourself remember the care of your laundry supplies.

You can also place a drying rack in the laundry room. Alternatively, you can hang your clothes on a retractable clothes line. Just make sure that you do not put everything in the clothes dryer. Often, your clothes need to be folded before you can put them away. To fold the clothes, you’ll need a flat surface. You’ll also need a counter that is comfortable to stand on.

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