How to Add Boho Decor to Your Walls


If you’re looking for a new way to decorate your home, consider adding some boho decor to your walls. These fun wall decorations will add a playful, artistic touch to your space. There’s no set pattern or rhyme to this decor style, but it works well in any room. Whether you’re decorating your living room, bedroom, or entryway, you can create the look you’re after with these simple ideas.

One of the main characteristics of the boho style is its use of fiber arts. If you’re crafty, you can make your own macrame decor, or you can purchase heirloom pieces to hang on the walls. Vintage crochet table runners are another great option for wall decor. Handmade items can also be used to add texture. Be sure to use the right colors and patterns to avoid clashing with other elements. To create a balance of textures, layer items instead of using too much of one.

The use of rope and natural materials is another easy way to decorate your bedroom in a boho style. It can be used to hang a bed from the ceiling or add a chair swing reminiscent of a papasan chair or hammock. Alternatively, you can create a bed frame that mimics a hammock or papasan chair. Either way, the bed frame should be simple but eye-catching. When decorating with rope and other natural materials, you should consider geometric shapes to give it a boho vibe.

While boho style can work well in an otherwise modern minimalist setting, it is best used with pieces of bohemian decor. A wicker dresser, wooden chest, or textured pillows will add an extra touch to your space. To add a bohemian touch to your space, you can also incorporate accents like a terracotta pot or a metal bowl. A boho style room should be filled with comfy seating and accents. If you’re looking for a fun yet functional look, a pouf will do the trick.

Boho style is characterized by mixing and matching items. Colors are not necessarily a key factor in boho decor, but choosing neutral earth tones and natural textures will ensure that your room looks eclectic and unique. Boho decor can be achieved on a budget. Don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget, because you can always find a piece of boho decor that fits your needs.

The bedroom is another place where you can experiment with boho style. A sunburst mirror and fringed table skirt are classic boho elements. Using a jungle-green paint for the ceiling will add a vibrant pop of color to the room. The wall color of the room will keep the space feeling fresh, while warm gold accents will soften the impact. Adding an accent like this in the right place will give you the room the edge you’re looking for.

The wacky, weird, and colorful decor of boho style is increasingly making its way into homes all around the world. Known for its bold pieces and eclectic mix of colors, this style is all about expressing yourself and your love of different cultures. Break the rules and try something out for yourself! Your guests will surely appreciate it. And you’ll be glad you did! So, get ready to be surprised by the amazing look your home will have when you incorporate boho style.