Incorporating Hygge Into Your Living Space


Hygge homes provide the ideal setting to bask in natural light as winter draws near. Keep curtains open and place mirrors near windows to maximize how much natural light enters your living space.

Personalize your hygge design by including accessories that hold sentimental or emotional value or bring back fond memories from past experiences. Perhaps hanging family photographs or displaying souvenirs from vacations you’ve enjoyed.

Soft Textures

Soft textures are essential elements of the hygge aesthetic, from cozy sherpa blankets and cozy knit pillows, rustic wood surfaces, woven materials like jute area rugs or natural textures that provide warmth while soothing.

Consider mixing materials to add visual interest and dimension to your space. For instance, pairing a jute rug with antique silver serving pieces or vintage wooden benches creates an authentic and timeless atmosphere in any room. Also try layering in some subtle art pieces to personalise and personalize it further.

Hygge is more than a design trend; it’s a lifestyle choice that promotes coziness, contentment and happiness. Use our tips to incorporate hygge into your home environment and transform it into a relaxing retreat – your body and mind will thank you!

Cozy Textiles

Add cozy textiles to any living room space to bring coziness into the home, whether its neutral colors or brightly-hued furniture – whether its by adding faux fur throw blankets on your couch, plush pillows or natural materials as accent pieces – to bring Hygge.

Replicating seasonal hygge decor can be an excellent way to maintain a cozy environment year-round. By including throws, scented candles, and fresh blooms that reflect each season in your decor scheme, it will support wellbeing and happiness year-round!

Unika Vaev’s Cozy Collection now offers soft wool-rich woven boucle fabrics inspired by aerial views of weathered fields, coastal beaches and desert landscapes. Cocoon offers earthy neutrals, complex pastels and vibrant jewel tones to provide a balanced, warm and soothing aesthetic suited for upholstery as well as wrapped panel applications.

Cozy Nooks

Hygge embraces simplicity and an appreciation for nature, so natural materials like wood furniture are an integral component of this cozy design style. Wood brings authenticity and serenity into any room while supporting healthy living practices while contributing to eco-friendly decor.

Make any cozy hygge space feel even cozier by personalizing it with photographs of loved ones or displaying trinkets that bring you happiness on tables and mantels. Create an ideal reading spot by placing a lounge chair by the fireplace with soft throws and pillows nearby – these little touches can truly bring it all together for you.

Add scent-filled candles to any cozy hygge living space to increase the relaxing ambiance. A natural-scented soy candle or diffuser are popular choices that provide safe and effective ways to spread fragrance throughout the room. For something different, why not consider adding BlissLights Ark Ambient Aurora Light? It emits soothing aurora borealis light shows and floating clouds – the perfect distraction while reading in your private nook!

Personal Touches

Hygge is all about creating a cozy lifestyle that brings people together. Create an environment conducive to socializing by including furniture that seats multiple people simultaneously – such as an inviting sofa with soft cushions or dining table that welcomes all.

Neutral colors tend to work best when it comes to creating an atmosphere of comfort in a hygge-inspired room, such as light grays, tans and browns which provide a soothing backdrop. Your guests will quickly relax into this environment.

Displaying treasured trinkets, photos of loved ones or stacks of books will add a personal touch and foster feelings of emotional comfort in any hygge-inspired room.

Create an authentic look by playing around with textures to make an eye-catching statement about who you are and your personal story. Layering soft sherpa blankets and cozy knit throws will make for eye-catching layers that are both aesthetically appealing and inviting to the touch, adding pops of color with frames of photos or decorative pillows in your favorite hue, adding rustic elements like pinecones stacked neatly in a small tray, etc.

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