Book Rack Ideas for Kids’ Rooms


Having a book rack in the home is a great way to display your books and other items. It can be a focal point in a room, or it can be an accent that adds color and style. It’s also a great way to show your individuality. You can find many different types of bookshelves that will fit into your home’s theme. Some are free-standing and some are wall-mounted.

While there are countless book rack ideas, the key to finding a stylish book rack for a child’s room is to consider their age and height. If your child is still a toddler, you might want to opt for a free-standing book rack, which can easily fit their favorite picture books. If you choose a wall-mounted book rack, be sure to install it at a height that will grow with them. Eventually, your child will grow into a teenager and will want a higher-level rack, and you’ll want to make sure the rack can accommodate their growing body.

If you have limited space, you can use a coffee table to display your prized titles. It also serves a dual purpose, as it stores more books and doubles as a table where you can place vases and other items. If you’re artistic, you can upcycle old furniture pieces into book racks.

If you have an ample amount of space, consider building a wall-mounted bookshelf. This will help you maximize the available space in your home, while preserving the beauty of your home decor. You can display a favorite family photo or a vase on a shelf to add visual interest to the books. Be sure that the books you choose match your decor. They should be a similar color scheme and style. You don’t want them to look dated or be a clutter.

Another option is to purchase a dedicated book rack. A good book rack will help you organize your books while keeping the room looking clean and uncluttered. You can find cheap book rack ideas at your local retail store. Many places will even let you buy your own customized rack. They will even make the shelves of your new bookshelf as stylish as the rest of your home decor.

If you have a small space, you can use hanging storage bins as bookcases. They can be great options for organizing and storing your kids’ books. These bins are usually low-profile, so they won’t be an issue when your child is playing. A floating shelf is also a great option. This option allows you to create an additional storage space in your nursery or playroom. You can also use a rolling cart for baby’s books.

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