Master Bathroom Design Plan


Master bathrooms can be small spaces, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be luxurious. Even small bathrooms can be elegant, provided the layout makes sense. For example, a cube-shaped bathroom can include a toilet and linen storage, but can also be open to create a more spacious look.

Adding an extra shower is a good way to open up a small master bath. A standard, rectangular shower won’t look right in a small space, so consider using a walk-in shower instead. This will give the master bath the appearance of a spa, with plenty of space and natural lighting.

Another way to make the bathroom more private is to position the toilet and the shower in opposite ends of the room. This way, you can get a shower curtain to hide the toilet seat from view. And for added privacy, you can place a pocket door into the bathroom. Just be sure not to make the door too visible from the public area.

Another way to refresh your master bathroom design plan is by adding a dark color. This will add texture and color to the space, making it more appealing. A good wood or stone bathroom vanity will add to the look. You can also use natural elements, like plants, to add to the design. A sitting area is also a great idea, as it gives the room a luxurious, relaxing feel.

The main entrance is placed on the left of the room. The WC is positioned on the right side of the shower, and the double vanity unit is in the opposite wall, giving the partners plenty of space to move around. A tall linen closet sits beside the two sinks, and further cabinets can be added beneath the sinks. A generous walk-in shower is provided in this design, and a luxurious freestanding bath completes the space.

The size of the shower and bathtub is often determined by the space in the room. A 36-inch shower will visually balance the vanity, and will allow for a bathtub to be installed in an open area. You can even install a tall linen closet next to the tub for added storage and light. The room should be at least eight feet squared, so it’s crucial to consider the space you have.

While a bathroom floor plan may seem a bit limiting for some, it can work well for other spaces in the home. A spacious bathroom makes a big difference in your day-to-day life, so it’s important to plan carefully. Creating a floor plan will ensure that your room meets all your needs and avoid common layout mistakes.

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