Maximizing Small Spaces With Ingenious Storage Solutions


No matter if you live in a studio apartment or a small house, these smart storage solutions will keep everything organized and looking its best. From furniture hacks to DIY solutions, these ideas will transform your space into an inviting yet clutter-free living area.

Look for furniture with hidden storage solutions when not in use, like this ottoman with hidden compartments for blankets and pillows.

Use Vertical Space

No matter if you live in a studio apartment, small home, or simply require additional storage solutions in an already constrained space, consider looking up. Installing shelves or cabinets into the ceiling of each room is one way to maximize floor and table real estate while saving space by increasing ceiling height.

Closets provide another great opportunity to maximize vertical space. Carrie Powell of Method Seattle Professional Organizing in Bellevue suggests swapping out the traditional bar and shelf setup in favor of using an upper rod for double hanging long formal dresses, as well as an everyday lower rod to hang jeans and tops.

Shelves that reach the ceiling can hold decor, books and slim bins filled with out-of-season clothing. If you’re handy with a drill, hanging racks that hook to walls or ceilings for additional storage can also be installed for additional space saving purposes. In addition, stylish room dividers with built-in shelves or compartments may make an effective decorative storage solution while simultaneously keeping your space tidy and organised.

Invest in Multi-Function Furniture

When downsizing to a smaller apartment, dorm room, or first adult home it is crucial that furniture maximizes space efficiently. From hidden storage solutions to dining tables that transform into desks; investing in furniture with multifunctionality will allow your space to adapt as your needs do.

Organization of small spaces often necessitates using open storage and shelving rather than drawers and cabinets for organization. Add-ons like narrow shelves can help keep rolls of aluminum foil, parchment paper and other kitchen essentials contained and organized.

Create the illusion of space with narrow or wide console tables. Narrow designs take up less floor space and appear lighter while leggy styles demarcate entryways without becoming congested. In either case, narrow surface console tables offer ample room for placing floral arrangements or dropping keys and bags as soon as you enter.

Light Colors and Pops of Color

Small spaces require light colors as they reflect more light, creating the illusion of more space. Choose neutral hues on walls and floors while adding pops of color via pillows, throws or artwork.

Make small rooms appear larger by adding translucent furnishings and finishes such as translucent cabinet doors, glass canisters and plexiglass furniture which add style without taking up valuable floor space.

When using bolder shades, monochromatic or analogous color schemes combining multiple hues on the color wheel may help create an inviting atmosphere and are visually attractive.

Get Creative

If you want to maximize a small space, the key is thinking outside of the box. Add-ons that double as nightstands or that can be folded away when not needed help prevent clutter while making even tight spaces feel larger.

Flexibility is of the utmost importance, which is why multi-functional furniture should be prioritized. Consider investing in pieces with multiple uses such as dining tables with lift-tops or sofa beds so as to get the most from your living space.

Change up your storage options to help combat clutter. Clever accessories, like hairdryer holders for cabinet doors or special clothes bins can provide homes for frequently-used items without taking up too much floor space. Baskets make an excellent home for misplaced objects in small rooms – try placing one near an entranceway or under stairs as a solution!

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