Exterior Paint Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Results


Moisture can be the bane of exterior paint and substrate it coats, so keeping moisture at bay can protect both building envelopes as well as reduce dry rot, mildew growth and pest infestations.

Regular wall cleaning with a milk soap and water solution is important to removing small stains before they have the opportunity to become permanent fixtures on the surface. This also helps ensure light spots won’t spread, potentially ruining its finish over time.

Clean Your Gutters

An exterior paint job’s longevity can be directly affected by its gutter systems. They must be regularly serviced to avoid overflow, which results in excess moisture dripping onto walls and potentially ruining paintwork.

Moisture damage to walls or wood rot can result in peeling paint or wood rot, so it is vitally important to regularly clear away debris and clean gutters – especially during spring when pollen, leaves and other obstructions can clog your system.

Regular washings are also key to prolonging the lifespan of your paint job, but should be left to professional services due to pressure washer damage that could void warranties offered by manufacturers or applicators. Furthermore, adding additives that help inhibit mold growth might also be worthwhile investments.

Trim Your Bushes

Maintaining the exterior of your home is key to ensuring long-term results from any paint job, helping prevent mildew and rot while also prolonging its life span. By regularly maintaining its condition, this will also extend its useful life span and protect its value over time.

Once you know where the problems lie, being proactive about spotting them before they escalate can save both cost and hassle by performing touch-up painting on an annual or biannual basis.

Additionally, it is also wise to trim bushes and vines around your home in order to prevent them from overtaking it and potentially compromising the siding. Any excess foliage should also be removed as this can create damp spots on walls that lead to mildew or mold growth, prolonging paint durability while increasing curb appeal of your property.

Power Wash Your Walls

An exterior paint job serves two main purposes for any building: it adds curb appeal and protects walls against moisture damage, wood rot and other forms of weathering. But even the best-painted exteriors require regular upkeep for optimal performance.

Dirt and dust buildup on painted surfaces can quickly discolor them and lead to mold or mildew growth, potentially ruining their aesthetic value. To combat this problem, regularly cleaning painted walls with a low-pressure washer is recommended in order to clear away buildup & keep their look. This will keep their paint looking brand new!

Powerwashing can also eliminate efflorescence (white powdery mineral substance) and loose, flaking or chalking paint which deteriorates substrates over time. Furthermore, it removes cobwebs, wasp nests & other debris which adheres to surfaces such as cobwebs.

Keep in mind that ideal painting conditions include warm and dry conditions. Rain can interfere with curing/drying processes and potentially leave residues behind on surfaces, thus necessitating exterior home painting to take place during summer or early fall months.

Manage Your Landscaping

Landscaping around your house has an unexpected influence on the longevity of its exterior paint job. If vines or ivy are growing on walls near your house, they could significantly deteriorate its surface causing cracking and fading to occur over time unless properly managed and kept away from it. Trimming these plants back can extend its life significantly and help extend its lifespan significantly.

Your paint may also suffer when it becomes dirty, leading to mold and mildew growth. To limit this issue, it is advised that at least twice each year you pressure wash your home’s exterior using high pressure.

Follow these steps to extend the time between repainting projects. While doing so can extend its longevity, even with regular touchups it will eventually need replacing – so having a professional painting contractor on call with all necessary tools and insurance policies should anything go wrong is imperative for proper paint job and touchup services.

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