New Home Inspiration


If you’re looking for some New Home Inspiration, consider utilizing Pinterest. This design resource has over 200 billion pins and an average of 667 pins per user. The problem with Pinterest, however, is that it can quickly overwhelm you. To get a sense of where to start, here are some of the best places to find new ideas for your home. These resources include real homes, design blogs, and articles by interior designers. Once you’ve sorted through these ideas, consider using a design board to help streamline the process.

Homes to Love is an excellent source for design ideas and home decor. This site offers tips and articles about different stages of home building, and even “DIY” and “how-to” projects for the home’s decor. The site also offers decorating ideas and personalized touches. Another great resource is the Builder magazine, an online magazine that keeps readers up to date on home building news and design ideas. There’s no shortage of online magazines dedicated to the home building industry.

Before you start building, take a tour of your current home and note down what you love about it. What features would make your life easier? What’s missing? What would you love to see in a new home? Identify the pieces that you must have in your new home. Next, set a timeline for building and moving in. If possible, involve your family in the process. Before you start the building process, learn about the neighborhood and what is available there.

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