Exceptional Mediterranean Home Designs


If you’ve ever wished to build a home with the characteristics of the Mediterranean, you may have a hard time deciding on the perfect design. A Mediterranean home is typically low-pitched with an exterior covered in bright red tiles. Typically these homes are rectangular, square, or L-shaped. Most Mediterranean house designs also feature a courtyard, swimming pool, or recreational area. However, it is important to consider the particular climate in your area, as Mediterranean homes are often unable to tolerate snow and other forms of precipitation.

The Mediterranean style is rooted in history and tradition, and this is apparent in the style of furniture and fixtures. Becker Studios, for example, used stonework and weathered woods to build a home that has a rustic, Mediterranean feel. The style also features painted-over finishes on plaster or sand-textured walls. Furniture in Mediterranean-style homes can range from simple wood and stone to highly ornately carved wood. In addition, furniture is usually made of wood and features short legs. The hardware is often burnished.

The Classic Mediterranean property is another example of a modern home in this style. It has a beautiful staircase, a grand entertaining area, a wine grotto, and a prayer room. The home has three large bedrooms and a media/game room, and two separate two-car garages. A private, luxurious estate of this style also has a swimming pool, wine cellar, and outdoor kitchen. And for those who wish to live in the best Mediterranean home designs, there is nothing to stop you from choosing one of these luxurious residences.

The Mediterranean lifestyle emphasizes indoor-outdoor living. Most Mediterranean home designs feature an outdoor area that provides shade and comfort. In fact, many Mediterranean homes were built in the past few decades, and they feature outdoor spaces as a natural extension of the interior space. This helps create a separate living space. The flow of the house usually leads to one or more exterior access points. This way, a family with children or guests can gather together and play comfortably.

Besides being highly scalable, Mediterranean house plans are also easy to customize. While you may not want to change the design completely, you can still modify the interiors to give your house an entirely new look. You can even incorporate a cottage or craftsman style into the design. However, major changes are not easy to implement in Mediterranean house designs. For instance, if you want to add a porch or a patio, you can modify the design to suit your tastes.

The Mediterranean style gained popularity during the 1920s and 1930s, when Hollywood movie stars and other prominent people from the period were constructing opulent Mediterranean homes in Southern California. Because they were portrayed as the epitome of luxury, Mediterranean homes began to make their way to the mainstream. Throughout the U.S., Mediterranean homes are still popular, and they can be found on six continents. However, you should remember that they’re not only beautiful but also functional.

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